Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bei Maejor - Kisses In The VIP Mp3 N Video

Kisses In The VIP Mp3 : Bei Maejor

Enjoy Bei Maejor - Kisses In The VIP video gathered from youtube. Kisses In The VIP Mp3 by Bei Maejor can be found after the jump.

Bei Maejor - Kisses In The VIP Mp3 and Video

Bei Maejor - Kisses In The VIP Lyrics :-

I am in the back of the club, just me and you girl
I know its fun but, but you cant take it no longer
so we're lookin' for a little love in all the wrong places
and we're both a little wasted, been drinkin' nuvo all night

I don't know, i dont know, how i let it get this far
out of control, out of control, slow dancing in the dark
under the strobe lights, there we are
runnin' around town with somebody else, girl

see i know its hard, we both know maybe me and you should
slow down, coz girl your just so sexy,
everything that you do is makin' me want you,
right now see i just came here to chill but,

now I'm with this dangerous girl
getting kisses in the V.I.P
climbing all on top of you, and you on top of me
we're doing things that i just cant believe

one hands holding your face, other hands holding your waist
girl, this cant be right, what are we doing?
we don't care if somebody see's
what are we doing we don't care coz we both receive

kisses in the V.I.P
when it feels this right,
it must be wrong
listen, we cant go on

you see its like, I'm sorry we just cant
hold on stop, stop, stop
you gon get lipstick on my shirt
everything feels (upside down)

you know like my whole world feels (upside down)
yehh listen

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