Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blood In My Eyes Mp3 Sum 41

Blood In My Eyes Mp3 - Sum 41

i don't believe in the secrets you keep
but i do wanna know
how do you sleep at night

and i'm over you, congratulations
i thank you for all of the pain
cause it made everything so much more fun

there's nothing to say now
the feelings are already dead (they're dead)
and i don't believe theres a way now
all that is said has been said (has been said)
i'm waiting for another day, another way
i don't believe that you can make all of the pain go away
so i'll leave it all behind, but i'm leaving with blood in my eyes

[- -]

seen through the lines, while believing the lies
for too long a time
and i still don't know, how i did

and now war's declared, drawing the battle lines
and i can't see straight anymore
with all of this blood in my eyes

(repeat refrain)
(repeat refrain)

Sum 41 Blood In My Eyes Mp3

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