Saturday, March 12, 2011

Champions Mp3 Three 6 Mafia

Champions Mp3 - Three 6 Mafia

i creep upon n'e-yah slow
angel and heaven
the right ones those to kill for!
looking how my car shine
look' howdah time fly
g- force (2 x)
we all champions (7 times repeat)
a (7 times repeat)

juicy j
main lot
seller car,
watch the car,
bus the car,
make the club
light the bar
blood the trigger bus the bar
make the court gat the cases
meeting (lucifer) fucking changes
wanna rid with tiny doors
pull mine car out the bars (past)
lead the state tight with your girl
heard she like the rock stars
all the porno playing
i'm give her some capper'
everyday balling fifty roots
you can watch us
chief with rock stars
eat shrimp and pasta

they call me the (juice 6 x)
i gigolo like (deuce 6 x)
i'm champion with (luc 6 x)
i guess, i am the (truth 6 x)
[- -]


dj paul
shut' nigga
only been knock
same wood
i'm winner baby
i gat gilligan backing days
i miss same dealers' baby
what matter what they say (say)
we made it anyway (way)
how long we will or take or hell (hell)
there so yesterday
i grab that oscar bess
race royal and take it home
it is a perfect win
i seeming we got hated on
we kept peace 'of' m'all dogs
and i' ren't won the trial
he go my... hates
kiss see goodbye!
i'm dope dealer
like my homey young jeez
call me crab with these symbols
i'm make more jeez
from a ring tone
kan girl, hear me ring you color
don't worry about whole world
doubt seeing man colla


Three 6 Mafia Champions Mp3

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