Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Flow Mp3 Freeway & Statik Selektah

The Flow Mp3 - Freeway & Statik Selektah
let’s flow you are all just slower
out of space bars i am an ufo
.. we keep going
… money tree it kept growing
.. got me more fans.. got me more dance
but i won’t wear no tight jeans for no one
told you .. the meanest .. around this town
.. but let me bring it up .. flow like the oceans flow …
you all haters can’t stop it


flow like the rivers
rhyme like the poets
when i am ..
act like you know it
it’s our time to shine
when you’ll get your time to shine
then you better not blow it

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flow like the breezes green like the eagles
..change clothes and change cars like the season
never get no …try to be a bleeder
.. on the ground you know the procedure
..roll like a .. we ain’t no joke
.. but we are not wife beaters
..ain’t no much change the only difference ..


Freeway & Statik Selektah The Flow Mp3

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