Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ghetto Mp3 Trina

Ghetto Mp3 - Trina

long nails pack of weed
touch is in a bag of wee
let’s .. a bitch like you need
you are from the fucking ghetto
.. that you push
don’t be burning like that …
you’re gonna need that richie push
fuck you with the ghetto
.. feeling up my cup
.. we don’t give a fuck
.. coming from the ghetto
so watch me when you’re in the south
watch what you say out your mouth
watch your step the slipper count
when you’re in ghetto

wife beat a nigger …
flip the key .. and go kiss some bigger jeans
..i am the product king kong
i am stopping through the condo
and i can make clap clap
beat it like a bango
[- ]

.. got your tongue
tell that pussy let your tongue go


ghetto country
oh rack it
put your hands up
if you are fucking with that shit
you know
i’ve been seeing the .. big bootees
.. it is what it is
it makes you do what you do
love where i live
and my people love it too

Trina Ghetto Mp3

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