Friday, March 25, 2011

On And On Mp3 Mac Miller

On And On Mp3 - Mac Miller

i wanna walk into the mall
take it all
drop it from the roof top
who’s gonna break my fall
i think i am going on and on
on and on
i wanna walk into the store
buy everything and more
i wanna walk around the world
places i ain’t been before
i might go on and on
on and on for it

i’ve been riding in my card
with the music on the way
see me shining and i am in store
take a picture see you later
i’ve been dreaming some baby shit
and every time i wake up
gotta head back to reality
but reality is greater than you
could ever imagine
you say that you pull up but
.. forever the captain
i’ll be making music out of …
jointly you all get what the point is
baby i am here

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i ain’t going nowhere
all these haters say i am faking
but i really don’t care
got my .. right beside me
you know where to find me
but representative
i need you all behind me


one day i am gonna get my ..
and i think is sometimes soon
whatever you got in your crib
i am gonna get sometime soon
if i win or lose what the fuck i gotta prove
i’ve been living out my dream
everything i saw came true
travel on a tour .. screaming fans
gotta .. reputation girl be who i am
i’m gonna be the .. collecting people everywhere
..gotta shut behind her back ..
this is the championship game
you are ready yo

Mac Miller On And On Mp3

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