Friday, March 18, 2011

Perfect Match Mp3 Lloyd Banks

Perfect Match Mp3 - Lloyd Banks

..probably the right size .. sick of it
you make my blood pressure rise with a body like that
you got the love exercise ...
you might come surprise but don't confuse me with guys
.. i got a couple of them .. i tell them a lot of things
but they are usually lies i gotta talk to .. she usually cries
i gotta keep them wide.. but i am not obligated ..
i smoke more than average so you might see me high
.. i got the right to be fly

let's go ride .. down
ladies feeling special
maybe because i am hot now
..dancing cause everybody loves you
girl you said .. runway
your mama always want it
i run to you one day
i almost forget to mention
you got my attention ...
[- -]

so i can't trust any interest and anything rest princess
most .. impress .. i saw that when you ..
i got playmates now .. fuck all night girls are disciplined and trained to say thank you
.. cause they are no fun if homey can't have one
i hardly now girl cause i don't need to have one
but if you wanna have one it could be your perfect match

Lloyd Banks Perfect Match Mp3

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