Friday, March 4, 2011

Twitter Gangstas Mp3 Tony Yayo

Twitter Gangstas - Mp3 Tony Yayo

godzilla rap in tokio, i’ma bite the .. when the drama tough
... numbers, i kill these niggas.., go wrong with my pill see my raps is ..
police .. f*king know me, police coming i’m looking like a .. trofee
i will fall ... i leave these niggas with ...

... hate with the ..machine gone ..
shooting at the fans like ..
two minutes of .. feel like two hours
money of these bricks give nigga more power
comforts, watch apart, 44 ... watch the door.

[- -]

keep on living in the nervous ..
come to my residence come to pajamas
44 holes to ..roads, lay it nigga down
triple over souls, the .. holy, the track holy
my daughter and that b*tch watch ...
she see the caughty friends doing what she wanna f*ck
and she a pretty b*tch got in a b*tch hole
she got the blond hair ass like ..belong it,
to eleven i pull it off the light nigga
my pocket is like a human being .. nigga
sad boy
yeah, see my nigga ..make weather

Tony Yayo Twitter Gangstas Mp3

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