Friday, August 5, 2011

Attila - Smokeout Mp3 Ringtone Download

Attila - Smokeout Mp3 Ringtone Download
here we go!
pack your bags we gotta leave this town for good
don't complain, i've never done these things before
flashing lights in the rearview, hit the gas
if one things for sure- i will be going fast!

smoke it out
step on the gas
smoke it out

another 127 more miles to go
and i'll be back in the city that i once called home
i will run forever, days and nights will pass
they'll never find me
things were going well, i even left a note
we kept in touch until about a half hour ago
thats about the time my world turned upside down
one things for sure, i'll never be found!

smoke me out now
this is an order!
smoke me out
step on the gas!
they're catching up to me
don't let em get me
i don't wanna spend my life in jail
don't let em get me

i'm going out with a bang!

i'll never know why being bad has to be so fun
everybody's out to get me

pedal to the metal to avoid the consequence
no one ever said i couldn't run from my problems!

we can leave this city
lets escape our demons
they'll never catch me alive!

Attila Smokeout Mp3

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