Friday, October 14, 2011

Bow Wow - Sweat Mp3 Ringtone Download

Bow Wow - Sweat Mp3 Ringtone Download
young mula baby, i got you nigga, leggo

[hook - bow wow]
girl i wanna make you sweat
i love the way you do it like that
she a keeper, she keep that p-ssy wet
she a slurper til it aint nothing left
they way she drop it on the floor
an’ baby i know what you want
yeah girl i got what you need
i’m riding in the ‘gatti with the windows full of steam

boom let it out now
get freak baby, gon’ let it out now
boom let it out now
get freak baby, gon’ let it out now

[bow wow - verse 1]
yeah, tell me what you want, tell me what you want do
way you spread it out girlfirend i want you
i-i-i’ma put it on you
tell me when you’re coming baby, i’ma come too
you’re a pretty lil thing, shawty i can’t even lie
you rocking up them sky miles cause you stay fly
you do it so well, you don’t even gotta try
got a nigga staring out the corner of my eye
and the way her body be banging i swear you gotta be drinking every bottle in the club
wake up with a story to tell
i’m just tryna have some fun
and i aint looking for love

[hook - bow wow]

[lil wayne - verse 2]
sweating so hard you need three or four towels
shawty wanna be my boo like showtime at the apollo
weezy f, the f for follow, follow me straight to my condo
and get freaky bring you over, hit that ass just like a rondo?
i’m from hollygrove, i still hang with l
i make them bitches (huh), they waiting to exhale
i’m on some gangsta shit, i knock your head off
you bark up my tree, thats a dead dog
where them hoes at? tell ‘em i said wassup
i like a shaved p-ssy, no razor bumps
yeah, ymcmb, when i step on stage, them hoes sweat like i’m


[verse 3 - bow wow]
say you got friends shawty, you can bring ‘em too
when i put this d on you, what you gon do
yeah, she got a diva attitude
fell in love with me when she saw my tattoo
an’ i aint like these other niggas girl, cause they lame
these niggas aint ballin’ baby, sub me in the game
got so drunk shit, i forgot her name
whippin that bugatti while she givin’ me brain

you the flyest girl i done seen
bursting outta them jeans
i’m saying shawty wassup
cause you killin’ these other hoes
and i dont mean to be mean, but shawty i’m tryna fuuu…


[lil wayne - outro]
ymcmb baby, uh huh
it’s ymcmb baby, ah hah
ymcmb baby, ah
now buss it open for me baby
now buss it, now buss it open, buss it wide open
now buss it, just buss it open, buss it wide open
now wont you run and get ya gat for me cause i’m a gangsta ass nigga from ymcmb.

Bow Wow Sweat Mp3

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