Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crooked I - ET Bars Mp3 Ringtone Download

Crooked I - ET Bars Mp3 Ringtone Download
first off, i’m a political boss, take down … in with my criminal floss, yeah
i have seen the houses niggers…
i’ma take it further, i’m about to go livei n a vault
yeah, living like a greedy vulture
cut me deep enough and find some afros…culture
all about peace when i approach her
if the elephant in the room is beef, consider me the poacher
yeah this is … talking to revolutionaries, is swahili or hulu sasa
always keep a bad chick in me casa
shouts out to my home girl …
nah, i’m not the dude you assume
i’ve been here even before leaving my mother’s room
i’ve also, been her for many moves
that’s why my body’s missing from my egiptian tomb
listen, what if … never buried her husband
what if there was never a … for
… and the sheriffs coming like … for carrying guns…
half of … we got a black president
they say racism is dead but where’s the african sunbell
ask a … what do faith represent
my … is scared as it’s ever been
and since god made me black as …
i keep… i mean that instead of…
rappers can unite, every race under the sun
hand wrapped around the mike, homie i’m the one
east side, long beach the sound of the sirens
dropped out on mystery schools..
they gonna make you…
maybe i’m … cause he is i and i am your highness
bow down in the presence of the pharaoh
strike a peasant in the heart with the golden bow and arrow
44 in the apparel, i will blow the barrel
shake the dice on the floor oh i’m taking your dinero
i used to eat pinna butter out the jar
now it’s pinna butter guts when my door’s…
in the beverly hills … park, the boys are starve

tough will teach you … melody, better be in top 5
on the road at night…rallying through the yellow lights
rallying through the stop signs
he on a one way, no parking lot time
monday to sunday, …
i got that gucci, louie, … like a dope…
competition on they back like…
and boy’s missing, reminiscing the old times
hate… now your hoe’s not
how did you managed to make them look like..
we ain’t consider… sandwiches
bottles by the forklift and chronic by the cases
cause i laid up like the faces that jackpot in vegas
… faces, snapshot cases
looking in you probably think we had a …
that until i lost my marbles on the marble floor
… cats can kill like oj for something small
… the haters gonna keep acting like
i can make it happen
… rapping like i’m going captain money flashing top fashion
… feel like i never…kiss my ass
get your tan from my future, you should open up my past
outside… while we smoking tripping off the glass
…even give myself a bath
… packs i deserve a few snapback…
you backtracking, … how is …
move crowds for certain…
champagne and ice chains keep the circle pool
… bitches and bad bitches, … pool.

Crooked I ET Bars Mp3

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