Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lil B - Last Of The Basedworld Mp3 Ringtone Download

Lil B - Last Of The Basedworld Mp3 Ringtone Download
this rap game is getting shavy
i’ll be working like sit up
my back hurt and i can’t seat up
my position to eat when i sit up
my young boy put me on the old comer
black flame
lil b i’m here under the ..

like i said just ..

..busy b and i call em young b
feel me he told me i .. and i was only 14
and i started writing at the age of 13
and i feel something is call gangsta vision
i spit mean, i spit fire from the top gate
one shot, hit shot no peats too late
that’s when you do great
i’m living in the world with the money
but they want that, now it’s supposed to drive
but the forge in my headlights i’m getting back home
i’m just tryin to sleep tonight
i’m just tryin to sleep tonight

and you ain’t gotta eb the father
see people getting scared so because
they .. because
and you know i’ve been do it
vision is just blur like ..the evil
i’m in the bar with desirable ..
with the foe five got the green orbs
makes it with the red there go
i heard they’re looking for me
they are all dead to me all rappers in the game
steps way ahead of me
i beat myself twice today
i’m on the tip top my nose ..the pain
and my head is .. bitch i’m so paid
this is the last of the odd
and i’m the last of the arch babe
base will go house i sleep upside down
..drop top look whose inside now ..
and .. upside down
i walk in the store solo ..but i base got
they beyond the ..
i suggest to take this message
odds in the present a
and after you go ahead and take one piece
go to sleep

Lil B Last Of The Basedworld Mp3

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