Monday, October 31, 2011

Young Chris - Still Creeping Mp3 Ringtone Download

Young Chris - Still Creeping Mp3 Ringtone Download

i see you got me
i know you ..

dress the piece, dress the piece ..
little finger to my neighbors that .. for the flavors
shot the bitches with the fabors ..before you haters
won’t ..before you fix about the ..
the same aware here on the ..shit
.. guess on my guess wait to many enemies
f*ck niggas .. christian mistress
f*ck ..she f*ck up like the ..f*ck up ..on a nice ..
all the p**sy stuck up
come and f*ck up like a switch ..we snuck up
make the car a big ..come on pull the truck up
them nihhas locked up kill my niggas
we ain’t stop until they index ..
nigga.. nigga ....we love ..
no fillin mother f*cker nice town nigga how can i .. on this f*ckin ..
halloween never .. shut the window for the title
keep that ak 47
for my mother f*cker ..takin a ..makin a tour livin the tour
life style the movie kind of ..the movie
..the major but they .. they say i’m stuck in the ..
say i’m stuck in the car ..
come f*ck with the .. keep the .. tall
come and f*ck with the ball nigga stuck when the ..
only f*ck with the stars
first round ..try to get that prayer
you know the rule say she .. gotta get that ..
fillin nigga only pretty ..
..special .. nigga fast
shot up to my nigga ..f*ck with the trash
only ..when this bottle ..
baby please don’t live a trip don’t ..
get a law let’s go f*ck up this block money at the mall
f*ck what you talk shit ..
don’t make me like you don’t know more

f*ck this urbs

Young Chris Still Creeping Mp3

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