Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deph Naught - Lemme Go Mp3 Ringtone Download

Deph Naught - Lemme Go Mp3 Ringtone Download
[verse 1: royce da 5'9"]
nickel nine who rap live’r, never that
riding, with a bitch and my battery in the back
and for that, she asked “why?” and
her tops getting pulled over modem to black drivers
while i shine, chrome , and i wax tire’s
picture that!
the car fast it’s cleaner than mother mary
it’s heating your whole class like culinary
pick up your jaw from the floor i’m another scary
cuz’ i do more than just oven carry
i make your ass look like you’ve been bobbing for apples in a tub of berries
ain’t no motherfucking hoes here
except the ones y’all be paying like a toll fare
my style’s like a watched project:
you heard about it, you read about it but you don’t wanna’ just go there
yeah, i’m on some different shit when i press this pencil against this paper
i guess it’s just my wicked nickel nature

[hook: zawles]
well i’ve been dying to get my voice heard up
on these streets, give me some shine and i’m starring the show
and i’ve been blind to all the hate, haters try to show me
i’m deph to the naughts, ain’t hearing no

step back and let me go, go
go let me go, go, (x8)
go let me

[verse 2: ]
i’m an original criminal in my lyrical pinnacle
show me an identical rapper i scalp ‘em as quick as a
seminal indian, give me an obvious reason
to body a heathen, to shotty a squeezing, i’m out of your league
out of your region. out of your reach, pushing x
like i’m from bmx, i’m malcolm and meech
how do you speak to an animal? beast, i only cypher with producers
i battle these beats, the cannibal eats
whatever’s trynna’ cypff with me
til’ i’m on top of the game, right where that snipers be
i gotta license to kill, so if you see me shoot
jordan and tyson chill, i’m only murdering every mic i see
i’m the realest, rich as willis, i could beat a drum and
nobody rides for free, so i keep the meter runnin’
nine loaded (yes), c.o.b. is gunnin’
blindfolded (sex), they never seen us cummin’


[verse 3: deph naught]
i thought i told ya’, ball with him all you get crossed over
thought he was hot? (fuck ‘em!) the sodomy starts over
when nickel and naught gots to recording these harsh vocals
rolled through the park, and got on a crooked i’s shoulders
motion the ten broads thats over there on over
slit all they throats, throw em, and chuckle with ron goldman
oh he’s a twat. what a ridiculous thought process
wanna’ be me? swallow some bleach and cream soda!!
lawdy! i’m the shit and i ain’t tryning to explain it
a homicidal violent child dying to escape and
i’m saying you couldn’t make him be quiet if you was placin’
his brain in a vase made of uranium to contain it
the zaniest (sweet goodness!), flyin’ down isle three
with a bottle of lube, cialis and mild sauce. please
come lick on the dick (slurp), you rappers should try and not speak
i lit a cigarette, it means goodbye bitch, peace. (fuck outta’ here!)
i’m here now (cheese!), a picture’d be great
this game is a bitch and i’m a trick that’s insisting we date
labels and a&rs, for some reason they looking at me funny
(why?) “degrassi?, eighteen??, white!?? mmm, money!!!”
(mister deph!) dammit, you better off tryna’ take hellen keller
down to your cellar and start yelling her name -
i don’t hear your haters hatin’. zawles come out and say it
drake, i’m ’bout to make it, make way for the next generation (ra!)


Deph Naught Lemme Go Mp3

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