Friday, November 4, 2011

Mac Miller - PA Nights Mp3 Ringtone Download

Mac Miller - PA Nights Mp3 Ringtone Download
hey ten thousand dollar hands
looking down the plan
my fans still the only people that ever know me for who i am
damn got me asking when i got this fly
the type of change because i’m famous
i’m just not that guy still sipping on my forty when the cast on by
when i go gotta tell my girl stop don’t cry
see i i’ve been buying this diamonds
all designer clothes and the .. just to drive in
autographs sell em must got my head f*ck that
i’ve been the same mother f*cker
always down to share my shit
melody was there cake the wound
give a f*ck about the lames
i wrote the .. with my lyrics is in .. to live
music is what i need boy destroy all of this fake ..
have you .. these companies get me free toys
changes ..

hey y’all pennsylvania nights 30 flights
thinking to myself where this all this go
no time fro care got all i can share
by now this is all i know, this is all i know
this is all i know.. nigga took fly
bullshit is always gonna be bullshit
..good life, good life

..million dollar plan
listen in the ..while im sitting in my ..
this is who i am all this lyrics all my dna call
happy as hell mdma ya’ll
f*ck it all there ain’t no other i can call boss
we just tryin to work so we can blow up like a ..
and it kind wake me up like ..
thinking bout my people who is murdered in a holy cause
got me ..just for life this way will people hear i should be tryin ..
..spinnin ..adn got you dumb hell high
we can be friends other people pretend
we hang out on the weekend
this f*ck ..a little bit creepy so we just leave them
so guess and rest when i die

[2 x hook:]

Mac Miller PA Nights Mp3

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