Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nipsey Hussle - Tommy Gunz Mp3 Ringtone Download

Nipsey Hussle - Tommy Gunz Mp3 Ringtone Download
fresh at the table in vegas, i’m betting big nigger
chop … brought the crib with us
soon as we pull up the …
still wanna kill us, but for now they gotta live with it!
niggers be hating up, and don’t bother me no
the homie got some townie girl, about to burn me…
they got me twisted cause… having lots of fun
but real nigger getting money, know that i’m the one
just check me out, pay attention, if you watch me long enough
you see that shit i mentioned!
i really got it, i really lived it
i’m really trying to play you down cause i really did it!
dull boys in the bag…
smoking weed, cutting crap, counting stacks
…just remember it’s a fact.
all you niggers …
all the cell phones…
you’re in the game, and the game is just that!
see these winners and these losers, when your freedom gets snatched in
what you thought you…
and that you lost some… feeling like you’re about to….
why you’re gone, your daughter need a dad
and her momma need a man,
i could keep... and this cold hurt you so much, you gotta laugh, future fun!
and you post to get over your past
you should just, so suck it up and do your time like your man say
nigger ride a dick when you got an upper hand
talking like you ain’t shit, and the marathon you run wasn’t nothing
..the shit go, and keep hustling
dirty gang see the twist so i….
think about it every single time i …
there ain’t no love, you just ignore the…
and you could use the money and the fame as an…

yeah, yeah, is aid i go
when you’re young and getting dough!
but do your thing, i don’t give a fuck
we’re getting money, nigger
we’re going …
dirty twenty fifties, a hundred, is fast i’ve done…
take advantage of everything granted keep it coming…
..i don’t coast sign nothing
a minute i’m addicted, can’t stop…
…form blending in, all my life ..custom
bail money set aside, i don’t get touchy
motivated nigger, make ‘em reconsider something
a lot of niggers hustle, can’t keep up with the money
gotta grind through the winner to make it through the summer
i rich you gotta take when you want it like i want to.. longer see opponents
now i see a … and i’m looking like a..
and i .. i don’t know if i want her
snitches on the.. as a matter of fact around the corner
..and is getting even stronger
money coming steady, by the way i see the…
take a glimpse at my… graduate..
i’m only getting dollars..
i’m all about the wind…
that explains all that champagne bottle popping
damn right, my whole gang make a profit
wow, we’re getting money!

Nipsey Hussle Tommy Gunz Mp3

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