Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trey Songz - Root Of All Evil Mp3 Ringtone Download

Trey Songz - Root Of All Evil Mp3 Ringtone Download
about this money i am gonna teach you
no .. fuck what is legal
fuck most people .. for all evil
it don’t mater less all maters is …
chit chat a nigger better another nigger get
in his body .. young nigger did it for some
unfit take her soul off ..put the body back in it
pistol back in it cause they know they jack in it
the hood is all good as long as it crack in it understood
as long as it stacks in it government love it as long as
tax in it and a truck still a truck as long as we are trapped in it
we all want bask in it spin it .. try to get it to the last minute
many thinking if you ain’t got it you ain’t living
nowadays she ain’t bowling she ain’t willing
cause if she broke … she can’t kill him
a shoe she say you can’t fill it
if you ain’t got it then cool is what you ain’t feeling
you get a latte you probably receive an eight feeling
young in ghetto they probably dreaming of … dylan
we probably think they straight chilling
shit they got problems we cannot relate with them
dinner party they probably ate millions
.. i say fuck how you feel cause money change feelings
not looking at you strange is the same feeling
they are acting like they forgot what you can feel like
work that hard to stay the same nigger
like they play pro bono make the same figures
and even though they say they are about to bring him down
see he will always be around the same nigger just so other niggers
say you never change nigger i count as one .. remain the issue
…everybody came with you you are responsible for
everybody that came with you should you lose it all
and you gonna remain with you
hey get that money get you
hey get that money but don’t let that money get you
how about that all and all money is sick too
fuck rap that’s money i need to get to
this is how i am leaving this is something you need to stick too
hate to let it go when you never let it miss you
plus it compliments you i am acting like it grow on trees
and if it did mother fucker i go where it pleases
but contrarily the shit is at the root .. probably the same trees they used to hang ..
true shit rough less money come from the sky when is about to …
money a bad bitch she ain’t scared .. say to hustle us prayer
the game shakes me or breaks me
i hope it makes me a better man

Trey Songz Root Of All Evil Mp3

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