Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ace Hood - Luv Her Mp3 Ringtone Download

Ace Hood - Luv Her Mp3 Ringtone Download
i used to luv

she used to tell ..now
swear that p**sy was great
i let her have it to wait
i used to luv her,
yeah boy i used to love her
she started f*cking with lames
slowing dirt on the name
tryin creep on the .. guess it’s a part of the game
i used to luv her yeah boy i used to love her

i had a bitch named diana that the working on ..
bad bitch from atlanta had a job as a dancer
she was find as remove shaking her ass in the club
f*ck her once in the porter now i’m falling in love
i swear that p**sy was .. distant dancers in hours
on some point start shit she snipped the .. counter
this bitch is babe super babe, cooking and cleaning
as .. i don’t .. a secret,
was he desire after fire twist and shopping springs
gave her a car in my brad new ..keys
so she went stop ..so much about it in the streets
they say she doing everybody that’s including me
get off on working all the nigga she will go and see
tell me she love me but she creeping on the nigga slip
you won’t steal that tricky ..
bitch where my .. where my keys
used to ..


okay this .. about ..
met her to ... why was on the .. coaster
we were down to ..
and i feel that cocky ..
for the .. big boy i was taxing you to people
i end up with the boss started with a ringle
end it that was .. that started on malicia
this ..got a girlfriend so you know the procedure
and i’ma get it pimpin ..cathedra
....but i aint’ talking bout ..
you have no idea tequila and my friends up
and i go to the poll .. looked up in balance
spare what’s up with the creature
yeah ..we do money like highs not to meet you
rappers in the bedroom like it was night ..
so i took her to the mall and bad ..


i mean i f*cked that hoe rocking my fresh ..low
i got my seat back low i mean the bitch solo
i’m sick and tired of this hoe playin the role on the low
play em their face on the shit that’s how the game gone go
they fall in love with some money
ending like it’s the swagga see that ..f*cking
now the ...keep my owe through the money
family is what matters all they get is to ..
them bubble gum at the rapper
i had a bad new shit and talking bout that ass shit
the way that sipping and .. now that asshole ..
i had some bag ..quick but i was going on lip
the couple months .. found out the .. shit
they say the whole hood here i told the long trip
i should knew you a .. judging the clip you were with
i used to luv here, i used to lov her
but i aint’ tripin i just seat the club and findin other


Ace Hood Luv Her Mp3

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