Thursday, December 8, 2011

Akon - Trouble Mp3 Ringtone Download

Akon - Trouble Mp3 Ringtone Download
party people
let’s go some trouble
yeah, hey hey

at night that i’ve planned to enjoy aha
go ..all of my boy
let the toy
and watch them ladies all get ..
i hear the whispers in the boys
sayin that i’m the perfect choice
she says she want a bad boy
to make a

you remind me of my favorite girl
who loves to party and it’s ..girl
and when she’s tipsy she ..girl
and i just wanna know if you’re just like her

and so let’s get trouble
i’m in the ..trouble
let’s ..some trouble
i’m ..trouble

got something here to ..sleep
so sexy that you can’t believe
call on her when i’m in need
she said just ask charlie sheen
i watched her croll up on her knee
she had me begging pretty please
no my .. she follows
but this time i stay down beneath

[2 x chorus:]

Akon Trouble Mp3

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