Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jay-Z - Tower Heist Mp3 Ringtone Download

Jay-Z - Tower Heist Mp3 Ringtone Download
hey y’all
i got a resolution wishin my ...
yeah you could stay at night
we can go own it and they lied before
can’t you see that i’m growing i was so immature
i was ruff and having money
having honeys come to the crib
takin they shit and they couldn’t get cab money from me
some .. get passed the bridge
i went the one .. sincere
no room service just snack the shit
wotk with those little debbies
when you’re done your ..
them chicks i was ..the smash
then i’m lean on the cash
would take a long trips then break em with no ..

y’all i used to switch chicks every day
and it was mad for real like i wish he was gay
they no sooner or later i was getting with jay
just a matter of time she was getting ..
have your chick in the traffic
so we’re sipping on say
speeding after number seven smokers .. in the shade
i’m letting ... the time she’s doing ..
she’s on the wrong one like ..

Jay-Z Tower Heist Mp3

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