Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brinks Mp3 Gucci Mane

Brinks Mp3 - Gucci Mane

is the big gucci we got money in the bank
.. while we are living tight
keep on hard on the paid
.. i get pussy every day
cause a pussy can’t mistake .. dollars in my right
.. look at me what you did
..i am selling cds globally
..i get office of million dollar
just to throw it all
[- -]

ice cream .. i left the streets heating
.. man i got the flipper
come and trying to get my .. dollar
big squad soldiers don’t run till it’s over
.. can’t change my life full .. i was in it
we never done it tried to play the game you all never won it
don’t try to be replaced .. i am a ghetto stars

Gucci Mane Brinks Mp3

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