Thursday, March 3, 2011

Co-Pilot Mp3 Swizz Beatz

Co-Pilot Mp3 Swizz Beatz Ft. Snoop Dogg & Junior Reid


do you wanna fly could you be my co-pilot
you said you wanna fly
do you wanna fly could you be my co-pilot
i’ll take you up in the air
i’ll take you out again

did you ever try making love to your girl in the sky
champagne fly .. so high
baby girl we are going going gone that cloud
we are floating floating on sit back and put your seat belt on
i am gonna call you my .. so let’s get it on
i can take you on shopping across the world
every in the world know that you are my girl
[- -]
i’’ll go on that marijuana tree in the air
i walk around cause i don’t care
that change in my pocket … black car
let them know that i am out to ghetto never forget the ghetto
never pose that .. i am touching ..


Swizz Beatz Co-Pilot Mp3

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