Friday, August 5, 2011

Jamie Foxx - Fool Mp3 Ringtone Download

Jamie Foxx - Fool Mp3 Ringtone Download
that real,
that deep,
that burning,
that amazing unconditional,
inseparable love
that feel like forever,
that always emotional but still exceptional love
can’t nobody tell me nothing it is what it is
and any mistake you make i,
i just may forgive
right now,
right now at this very moment i still love her like i loved her then
i love her in and out and up and down and ’round and ’round and over and over again
so rare they swear that you just don’t exist
and it’s only one reason i can think of that makes me feel like this
and i’m a fool, such a fool for you!

Jamie Foxx Fool Mp3

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