Monday, August 15, 2011

Lil B - Swag Jerry Rice Mp3 Ringtone Download

Lil B - Swag Jerry Rice Mp3 Ringtone Download
left hand stunting, right hand stunting (swag)
championship ring and i look like derek fisher
word around town i got 25 bitches
based on my ring, i've got cocaine in that swisher
fuck around with me that ____ is your sister
real west side the hood, twerk like a stripper
nigga, i'm connected and i think i'm the mafia
i think i'm a illuminati plus i got this shotgun
ak still loaded, got my guns on layaway
56 hoes suck my dick cause i'm gary payton
i think i'm michael jackson, every bitch harass me
tiny-ass pants, nigga, choppers from that action
reppin' bitch mob cause hey know that i'm a killer
shot from three-point and they call me reggie miller
bitches suck my dick cause they know that i'm iller
strap her black nines and they call me reggie miller (based god!)

swag's jerry rice -- swag! -- i think i'm jerry rice (4x)
touchdown, touchdown, i think i'm jerry rice (4x)

ted debiase fucking with a stripper
bitch pay me tax, i'm the cocaine dealer
word around town i've got 5 going for 50
word around town i'm in that s550
i think i'm behind my rent because i think i'm on the radi'
vote for based god, because i'm running for the mayor
fuck around with me, bitch, i show you words later
guns on the vote, and i'm cussing like a sailor
think i'm dr. phil because i'm helpin' all my bitches
hoes suck my dick and the fuck what you feeling
young based god, nigga, swag to the ceiling
bitch, i'm bob marley comin' with a _____
bravo on this swag i hold that pistol in the morning
women fuck with me i ___ that bitch when i'm yawning
because i'm no dick niggas think that i'm lyin'
36 bitches and they call me don imus


nigga, i ain't trippin'
bitch, i ain't trippin'
muggsy bogues guns, and they short like a midget
plus i got swag, and i'm still buying bitches
paying for that pussy, every day christmas ("i got money, bitch!")
pay my own rent, nigga, mind your own business
fuck them in and out cause that broad ain't trippin
slide a ho 20 cuz i'm rich and i'm reckless
i'm a real thug, it's the ride, stolen lexus
nah, i came up in that bugatti and that banner
nigga fuck with me that make 11 make you handsome
pay a bitch 10, i ain't got time for that talkin'
young based god is a young kenny rogers
die in wonton swag and i came with that chopper
asking questions, bitch? yes, luke, i am your father
still got the chopper, still got the ak
young based god, suck my dick, bitch, i'm renegade


Lil B Swag Jerry Rice Mp3

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