Monday, September 26, 2011

DJ Drama - Undercover Mp3 Ringtone Download

DJ Drama - Undercover Mp3 Ringtone Download
[j. cole]
all you need to know about me is i never play the loops
always aim high and rarely obey the rules
never tell my business if i did it’d make the news
they say time is like money
you should come here pay your dues
and come and kick it
can i get a minute
maybe an hour
would you like me peek your head in for a second while you shower
i bet you got some real good power if you feel me
i’m on some marvin gaye shit
you know what’s just gon’ help me baby

[chris brown:]
i said excuse me mrs. officer
can you go undercover for me
ain’t enough looking in your cup
i’m tryna get you drunk as fuck
take her to my crib then i lock her in them handcuffs
panties off stupid booty
ready for war

DJ Drama Undercover Mp3

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