Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Los - Panic Mode Mp3 Ringtone Download

Los - Panic Mode Mp3 Ringtone Download
los, i got it let me do it

[verse 1]
i say niggas always hatin’ but damn i love my city
i just came out and you didnt, you like janets other titty
i get respect in the hood cuz i earned it fo’ sho
and i make home look good like a furniture store
who the best rapper alive they say i’m out for ya spot
and im a hustla for real i put my couch on ya block
i take a shit on ya lawn, what could you possibly do?
you bitches talkin too much feel like i’m watchin the view
word to my watch and my shoe its time to step on them hoes
i got a hook up on bullets and bitch my weapons reload
i could bury you, i’d rather embarrass you homes
your girl go down on me slow i call it parachute dome
100 miles an hour 100 thousand dollar pair of shoes on
and a watch so sick i think i need to put some theraflu on
i got a terrace view home, i’m in paris you home
no comparison you niggas is perishing, gone

i said i got a lil secret and dont nobody know it
but my watch so loud it might f-ck around and blow it
let me pan it down i cant stand a clown
so i’m finna kill ‘em you should panic now

this is panic mode, nigga this is panic mode
this is panic mode, this is this is panic mode
you niggas think you sick, well im the antidote
and this is panic mode this is this is panic mode

[verse 2]
too beastly to be defeated, i’ve reached the peak of a genius
i keep it clean its no secret, my sneakers speaky no english
my swag on retarded niggas drivin’ miss daisy (what that mean?)
that mean my swag known to drive a bitch crazy
put my hands on these niggas to put them feet on that porche
these niggas sleepin on los but los asleep on ya porch
man what these rappers about tell em i’m back in the house
to take a shit in ya kitchen and take a nap on ya couch
but i’m never gon slack
cuz i’m live from the hood where the metal go clap
and i came up from the bottom i’ma never go back
and i’m better then ya better so you better go prac-
tice, fact is, i’m bossin’, you bloggin’, i’m all in, you log in
i’m ballin’, you bargain, i barge in, you call in, dail in
they couldnt get a second outta my day
i could climb over these mountains or push ‘em out of my way
f-ck else i gotta say, this shit’s embarassin’ homes
aint no comparison, yall niggas perishin’, gonnnnne


Los Panic Mode Mp3

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