Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Bash - Slide Over Mp3 Ringtone Download

Baby Bash - Slide Over Mp3 Ringtone Download
on top

slide over
mami let me tell your ear
let me spinckle you were summer this year
use a cutie pop butterfly
i just wanna see you smile
aha slide over yeah
yeah you should .. your time
so could help let me get it your mind
cause i’m so filly filly, i’m so filly ..
i’m so just ..

..cross the level let me get your body heat
baby get you in the moon while you’re turning of the ..
.. puffing loud .. braving down the street
you ain’t every girls so you miss someone you ..
.. scraping down the block and you can’t .. whipping new shoes
all up in my ear tell em what she gonna do
... scratch fever
tell em mami is gonna match that ..
haters ... even if it’s haters .. pumping ain’t tripping though
as long as me and you baby you know it’s really though


you’ve been ...
that’s why anything is possible but nothing is for sure
i can’t laugh i’m addicted to your beautiful glow
let me find out the ..go in the babies
first class flights passed on and come in patience
and we can get our money on and i’ma love you long
..we go out for .. rock star sweet desire ..
let’s take the whole plot the question ain’t ..baby who is ..


i just want you close to me yeah
oh ‘cause this this is where you supposed to eb ooh
so just


Baby Bash Slide Over Mp3

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