Friday, January 20, 2012

B.o.B - Rack City (Freestyle) Mp3 Ringtone Download

B.o.B - Rack City (Freestyle) Mp3 Ringtone Download
yeah! i'm from that city up, that, that city
put the cater on my back, got the whole math with me.
this cush came from canada, call it immigration
it's way too loud, we gonna need proper ventilation
true ladies, pretty symmetries
and i gave them both an a plus for precipitation
back it up for bobby, pack...
if i was a... she be on my channel
what's up with that tone, girl?
what's up with that demo?
you won't .. so i hit her with that emo
yes, i am n animal, i will kill a...
clubs is all around me, all i see is vultures
that is for the... and i'm a... anthologist
but i got a ..
all the.. pointed in the right direction
dots, i just gave it a line for you to connect them.
no salary.. no roof, no...
i can do this on my sleep, ever dreamed...
i roll up on your poser, the cd is my coaster
...take a shower with a toaster.
life like a movie, wasted like gucci
ain't no white girl, but she gimmy that suzy
that.. kelly at once
..the gestures, just out in the bush
world cup bottles, trophies on the front
i roll up a bet, i can bat with my blunt.

B.o.B Rack City (Freestyle) Mp3

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