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Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend Lyrics, Mp3 N Video

Mama's Boyfriend Mp3 : Kanye West

Enjoy Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend video gathered from youtube. Mama's Boyfriend Mp3 by Kanye West can be found after the jump. Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend Lyrics now available below the music video.

Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend Mp3 and Video

Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend Lyrics :-

I never liked you n-ggas
who knew one day I’d be just like you n-ggas
uh uh uh alright you n-ggas
uh uh uh alright you n-ggas
when I become my mama’s boyfriends?
when I become my mama’s boyfriends?

[Kanye West Verse 1]
he walked in our lives
I was only five
superman pajama’s I was super duper fly
sitting here like why, he at least supersize
you know I scrutinise like who this newer guy
I’m my mama boyfriend I’m her little husband
I was the man of the house when there wasn’t
trying to get to know homie just kill the charm
you aint interested in me you just tryna f-ck my mum
we are the voices of our parents bad choices
the aftermath of divorces
the kids of bitter split ups
and baby sitters
grand parents that don’t know what to do with us
and the last thing I want to see is mama’s new n-gga
you old Old Spice wearing
short chain wearing
dress shoes and jogging pants wearing
church sock wearing
when you first stop caring about your appearance
when you get here anyway I already got parents
don’t try to put me inline I already got crayons
my mama said I could do it I already got clearance
keep your hands of my mama how I need to got clearance
yeah I know she look good but you need to stop staring
I drew a picture of her that would make her proud
but the door was locked and the TV up so loud
I scream out “I aint going to sleep no time soon,
and when I do I’m sleeping in my mama room”
I don’t like you n-gga
if I was old enough I would fight you n-gga
I wanna run over you in my bike you n-gga
don’t go to sleep at night you n-gga

and it seems like I wasted time
if thats what it’s all about
mama if thats moving up than I

When I become my mama’s boyfriends
twenty years later where has the time gone
now you see I’m dating having problems of my own
now that I’m grown the tables turned around
I never thought I’d ever raise another n-ggas child
he don’t like his mama’s boyfriend
just like me don’t wanna do the wrong thing
that’s very un Spike Lee but he be like he go round his mama then
cause when she here he be quiet
when she leave he be talking again
he be wylin again
be calm I don’t drink the drama
a sip of Dom Tyler-Perry-on
you gon marry my mom look
I dont read palms and I don’t read psalms
and I did take little man to church
and took little man to school
look littl eman kids don’t make the rules
even though I aint raised you
you your mama angel
don’t get it twisted baby boy I’ll Ving Rhames you

When I become my mama’s boyfriends?

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