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Ace Hood - Bitter World Mp3 Ringtone Download

Ace Hood - Bitter World Mp3 Ringtone Download
struggling my past, pain in my expressions
running on my last, avoid the deep depressions
beefing with the bottom i'm so afraid to fall in
and all these fucking problems turning me into an alcoholic
where did i go wrong, i swear this can't be life
17 and pregnant that just can't be right
in love with a man who fucking your friend depends on what you like
this bitter earth
ah, this world is crazy, hate on my babies, gotta receive the sight
just ask the lord to give me the strength so they believe was right
and 'smooth nigger who trying to get a home tonight
infesting the gun ' the type
it's a cold world, keep your sweater close
made it be but see ' family the ones who hate the most
that's the damn shame, how dare you doubt your blood
don't know my real father, how come you drop my love
' alone, there's no one to hug
he left me all alone, how could you leave your cub
but fuck it i'm a man with or without your ass
they ask about my pain, some things i wish that i had
just thank the man above, my mom considers my dad
she working spending her last, whatever we wanted we had
the struggle created a man, no longer your job demands
no thoughts of counter ' i've failed and let's '
i've been through hell and back, but still i'm here to stand
mama need a house, so fuck it i'll buy some land
dying to be the greatest, but greater comes with patience
got my bizness right, and trust my mama good
what more heart is just to say i made it out the hood
you fucking right, bitter world
cried a hundred tears when i see my baby girls
when i see my baby girls, damn

' sweat and tears, this my testimony
just know the world is yours, ain't that right, tony?
gas prices high, niggers die young
bad role models, that's what that came from
that's what that came from
this bitter world, my god
well, well, my god, well,
this bitter earth, well
dear world, dear world, i need you undivided
and know some choices that we made were highly undecided
we keep it mind, we giving them signs, the time just disregard it
this bitter world, well
ah, some live in the blind afraid of the light,
but pain just can't be departed
the things that i seen i wish it was dreams'sleeping hardly
lost a lot of homies endured a lot of pain
pray for better nights, slowly they became
i hear my phone ring, fuck who calling me
i just hope that it's success who trying to bother peace
fuck this bitter world, with no apologies
babies having babies, what could your father be
sick of being tired, and tired of being broke
mama worked too hard i pray ' of stroke
microphone and words, clearly show me hope
without it i'm alone, clearly you should know.

Ace Hood Bitter World Mp3

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