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Curren$y - Pininfarina Mp3 Ringtone Download

Curren$y - Pininfarina Mp3 Ringtone Download
bitch you ain’t got nothing on the rich
every other day my whole dress code switch
cause they keep getting bit, i had to lay low
like they was looking for the kill
all point bulleting … and my sport cars internet
start killing niggers digitally like they so calm
i’m so calm in the mist of the storm
… but i’m very aware what’s going on
fuck mowing the grass, for the snakes i said
fire to the lawn, bake spitter killer beef
send flowers to the way couple of hoes deliver some roses and the cake
what you won’t stop the jet fool
you must be on, more than one,
no shots, i’m just making it known
i got a gun, got a … shit wicked in the city trying to survive
then you should stick with me
… the duck that get stuck when the situation gets sticky
do your research, whole work, history
iceberg … a fresh package of … t shirts
wife beaters, white as my next door neighbors
white as my bottom bitch mercedes
white as the squares on the check the flag when it’s waving
we winning … to say it
… some to the cleaners, the champagne stain shit
… jet life till up, … drop in the grave, get filled up
… i’ma live my life lit up
… she doing chin up
i’m riding home boy, you should come get her

…black suvs and i roll for him
pandemonium, drove black … petroleum
… had his women throwing roses on the floor for him

… my eyes completely aging but opening and scoping for haters
they hoping i’m out of my bases
… they in the streets i’m in the game …
celebrating cause both of our sides made it
continuus elevation … i wasn’t waiting
it’s a thin line, might wanna count your paces
before you cross it, this game will come out in losses

pandemonium, feeling like .. bad bitch can roll for him, damn.

Curren$y Pininfarina Mp3

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