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Trey Songz - Headlines Mp3 Ringtone Download

Trey Songz - Headlines Mp3 Ringtone Download
triggas home
triggas home

i hit ya city and i’m looking for some talent
i need a pretty young thing that could blow
i found it girl, your mouth is so outstanding
never got wet until a nigga just drowned it
and bitch niggas be hating cause the bitches all around ‘em
world wide, girls eyes mesmerised, bezel shine
future mine, present mine, rollie tell me present time
if you ever hear i’m big headed thats just my heaven mind
uh huh, i’m fly as f-ck, you back of the delta line
i’m focused potent and dope as columbian coke, no joke
i’m so cold its been ? time since hmm.. ready time
i got bars for life, my ? time
dinner alone, so some opus and spaghetti’s fine
yeah thats red wine, headline
say i’m engaged on the internet, they’re lyin’
5 tours in 2 years, i heard they paid a nigga straight
plus i stay up in some p-ssy tryna say a nigga gay
what i learn though? haters gon hate but a hater never ate a scrape off of my plate
? ass niggas get the f-ck out my face
keep my dick up in your mouths so it’s f-ck what you say
keep ya bitch up in the house ‘fore she sucking on trey
she lied when she reply they aint got nothing on me
but she try, her mouth was wide
i aint wan’ nut on my sheets
i told ‘em i was grown, i might go nut on these beats
why these lousy muthaf-ckas keep speaking on me
drowsy muthaf-cka’s keep sleeping on me
they say i’m fallin’ off i guess we just gon see
you niggas wax on’s keep leakin’ on me

it’s trey ho
it’s trey ho
it’s trey ho

they know, they know, they know
that the real is on the rise
f-ck them other guys
take whoever beat and eat ‘em like a pizza pie
they know, they know..

this money makin’ my conversation
he talking blatant, he probably fakin’
i wake a bake, i eat steak ‘n shake
but i take my cake to my paper date
this super flow and it activate
you stupid super hoes just master hate
different club the same whores, boy i had to skate
now i’m somewhere makin’ that mattress break
you somewhere gettin’ your masturbate on
said i was gone well i’m back today
ain’ have to wait long
can’t believe a nigga will still say trigga trey can’t rap today
wrong! cause i know a nigga still will kill on any nigga track today, songz
what i learn tho? haters gon hate, but a hater never ate a scrape off of my plate
boy i made it plus i’m faded, i be stuntin’ all day
it’s okay you should say it, you was frontin’ on trey
it’s a movie, it’s a massacre and i’m bout to be leatherface
leave you niggas stuck with the “i could be doing better face”
i only said that cause i’m f-ckin with this movie shit
and really truthfully, that aint got shit to do with shit
but shhhhit, why they got me like this
record labels try to make a carbon copy like this
they heard where i was staying now the lobby’s like this
they sayin’ trigga bodied this bitch but thats something trey know…

trey know, trey know, trey know

it’s trey ho

they know, they know, they know
haters gon hate, but a hater never ate a scrape offa my plate
head ass niggas get the f-ck outta my face
keep my dick up in ya mouth so its fick what you say

they know!

Trey Songz Headlines Mp3

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