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Wale - Ocean Drive Mp3 Ringtone Download

Wale - Ocean Drive Mp3 Ringtone Download
[intro: magazeen]
maga to the zeen
y’all go wife on it
come sit up on it
y’all didn’t know she’s a freak from a long time
she took two men: one time
take it here, take it anywhere, from here to brazil

let me say she wants it
so she calls him
i know you want me right now
so i’m on it
she always say she needs me
but she calls him
i know you want me right now
so i’m on it, alright girl

yeah, red bottoms, she ain’t trying to dance
she gonna chauffer, after let’s call a cab
wet willy shit, pussy, i need a minute
i try to have them lips ? shit
okay i’m trying to hit, something’s just gotta give
can’t read the future, my limit is so illiterate
lyrically celibate, you can’t fuck with me
y’all crazy to share the same cup with me
low fitted, sure i’m with it
polo purple like the dope i’m hitting
word: one dope a-s nigga
bitches scream “ralph” they don’t know my ?
these bars might flow life sentence
and i be in they panties if they be independent
i be in her mind, and y’all be “nevermind”
my marijuana loud ?


[verse 2: black cobain]
clicquot for the girls in the tight dress
dotty wine for access, show me your neck
i feel good, i look great
a nigga cold, i’m new york, i’m upstate
lord, i think i’m ?
i had a million dollar dream, who gon’ stop me?
need me a freak, for me, sleek, and lil j

[verse 3: tre of ucb]
when i step off the curb, then, they on they way
dreads like rapunzel, big bred, cocoa
give me the poon ?
and bring a friend, we can kick it like a dojo
let’s see what happen when you mix trol with nuvo
for real, i gotta pole in the basement
my raincoat, and gold rapper, amen
and what it taste like? hey, you a freak, right?
no strings attached like velcro sneaks, alright?


[bridge x2: magazeen]
alright then, back up on it
might win a dollar
sit up on it
might wina dollar
excuse me ?
your eyes are amazing

[outro: magazeen]
stop whining, stop whining, stop whining
by god, stop whining
slow, slow, slow, slow grind
by god, slow grind
speed it, speed it, speed it
speed it up, my girl, speed it up
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
tick tock, darling, tick tock
tree pine, tree pine, tree pine
tree pine, now, do the tree pine
jump shot, jump shot, jump shot
now, jump shot

Wale Ocean Drive Mp3

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