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Wiley - Evolve Or Be Extinct Mp3 Ringtone Download

Wiley - Evolve Or Be Extinct Mp3 Ringtone Download
evolving, how many days will it take to reach another level?
i’ma short a … won’t take long if it’s not another …i won’t take
and if you lose then get off
winners stays on, winner plays on, winner … makes on
i’m a winner, my 5 …for the 25’s and people don’t never play me
on i don’t wanna hear a thing that you wanna say
from quite down. … trying to put a face on…
city choice, city move, idiot things
silly me, silly you, delete your thing
i’m bigger than this, i’ll defeat your king,
god knows i track … he goes in
he’s just an mc but he goes in
this … cause …i’m going in, i ain’t coming out
i got a style in the … running out
but my life’s running out, we don’t live forever
however my music can live forever, whatever
tell them … and you can’t fool me but you act quite clever
sun…but that’s mayweather
… i count money, i’m a troll …chetter
i don’t care if the … is spreader…
what know then? you must have thought …
my name ain’t alvin… you wanna hear it again, play it again
… you forgetting i’m a giant … put it on my back then i move on asap
i am music but i ain’t … shut your mouth then …
cause i’m a don, don’t get me wrong when i’m singing this song
i got back to the war stop bringing it on
…you play… you might spend 5 days picking a song
by then i’m … along
i’m doing it right while you’re doing it wrong
...i’m evolving, in the free zone,
i stack black money till i’m … face
… i go fast like i flew in a race
… nobody’s swing on the beat…
… you gotta earn it, you gotta learn it
… on the rose, not the white lightning
… them ever getting everywhere…
yeah i’m wiley, you say don’t like me so what
i’m not…but when i’m about it’s a road block
… they got bullied in school like …
… climb back…then i roll off
my future’s bright…i ain’t seen nothing of him.

Wiley Evolve Or Be Extinct Mp3

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