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Don Trip - Letter To My Son Mp3 Ringtone Download

Don Trip - Letter To My Son Mp3 Ringtone Download
please, no pitty for a g
i got a son that i barely get to see
i see him for an hour, and then he got to leave
on top of that, i only get to see him once a week!
yeah, right, lucky me...
well fuck [?] and whoever disagree
i learned a valuable lesson, indeed
but i'm just trying to be the best father i can be
apparently i'm an unfit father
cause all i know is dope and all i got is dirty dollars
but i'm selling dope to help my family get farther
cause no 9 to 5 is gonna prevent us from starving
as i was saying, i don't get to see you like i want to
i just want to let you know i want to
if the court grant me visitation, i'm going to
but you're too young to understand what we going through...
and your mama low-down
she just doing everything to hurt me right now
why? cause i don't love her like i used to
so to get back at me, she knows she gotta use you
and i don't know what else to do
she don't understand that this siht will bruise you too
and now i gotta take a bitch to court
so either way, it's a lose-lose

[hook: cee lo]
bringing the love to my baby
bringing the love to my son
tell em [?] baby
but it's not over, it's not done
i told your mama i don't love her
and made her [?] now she gone
so i'm a be the bad one
but i just wanna see my son...

i tried talking to the bitch
but she keep using you as a bargaining chip
and i am not the one to be bargaining with
that makes me wanna go and put my paws on this bitch
i swear this shit ain't even right, bruh
i ain't even got the chance to change your fuckin diaper
this is what i get for going raw when i piped her
thinking that i loved her when i shouldn't have even liked her
but i do not regret my child
stupid bitch, i just wanna see my child!
do what you may, but you will never make me bow
fuck child support, bitch! take me to trial
why you want this shit? cause i ain't reaching no vowels
bitch move on me, and you ain't working out
so what it matter if i move to work out?
i provided, put food in his mouth

[hook: cee lo]

now the fact i'm in school right now
in case the music don't work and i can put the work down
my mama say this shit sure to work out
all this bullshit i'm going through
to see my first child
see his first steps, see his first smile
hear his first words, teach him how to count
but i guess i been counted out
seeing as the bitch don't want me around
when i speak to him, he don't recognize the sound
the sound of my voice, so he just looks around
i know she enjoy it, so i suck it up and smile
but fuck this stupid bitch, i just wanna see my child!

Don Trip Letter To My Son Mp3

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