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J.Reyez - Work Hard Mp3 Ringtone Download

J.Reyez - Work Hard Mp3 Ringtone Download
[verse 1:]
let me tell y'all the story of my life, get to know about my passion
always dreamt big and i turned it to an action
wondering where i could be in a couple years
assemble a strong team no muskateers
i paint a picture, i'm a well deserved artist
out of my colleagues, i seem to work the hardest
i never had money so i worked to where i am now
my team with me, you will never see a man down
my family and single mom that be strugglin'
life's speeding up so i got the seat buckled in
i promise mom if i make it big one day
she won't need to wake up for work on a monday
never get distracted by them undercover pretty hoes
and why's that i gotta shoot my own videos?
i don't promote so the whole fucking city knows
don't you get it though? the worlds bigger hoe

i don't really know where i'm going
but i know what i want
i can see it going far
and i'm reaching for the stars
and it's showing
with everything that i do
it's just me and my crew
and we're gonna make it through

i work hard, it ain't no secret
you better believe it, i'm gonna achieve it
i work hard, you might not see it
no time for sleeping, swimming in the deep end
i work hard, whatever is needed
life's just speeding, need a little freedom
i work hard, i work hard
i work hard, i work hard

[verse 2:]
i decided to do rap and just try for fun
my younger days, i was always just the quiet one
time and wisdom is what got me my position
if it wasn't for my peers then i don't see my existance
women and fame is all the things i'd never chase
if it's right than it will come, you will get your way
never took astronomy but i know i'd be a star
not the kid who 'wows' everytime they see a fancy car
they expect me to be social, speaking up
and in reality, how many of y'all believe in us
the haters, a part of when you're reaching up
owning a maserati, that's part of the things i'm dreaming of
women seeking love, they believed in lust
don't start a chapter if you can't read the trust
don't judge a book by it's cover
i know it's kinda hard when it looks like another

J.Reyez Work Hard Mp3

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