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Mac Miller - Smile Back Mp3 Ringtone Download

Mac Miller - Smile Back Mp3 Ringtone Download
[hook x2]
i just be like fuck you, what you need?
you can’t get nothin’ from me
you was talkin’ shit, now i’m somebody you would love to be
i’mma do my thing until the day the reaper come for me
you can keep on grillin’, i’mma smile back, smile back
tell them hater’s

[verse 1: mac miller]
call your army, bring your tanks, i’mma big boy with a big boy bank
self-employed, independent, once you start, don’t take no breaks
work until i get it, i bet it’s gon take a second
but once i start up my engine i’m gone, too fast to catch him
i’m lennon mixed up with ugk, maybe try that purple drink
what i’m on is strong, yours weaker than seven days
sweeter than creme brulee, presidential head of state
dopest mothafucka since before i hit the seventh grade
elevate, who the shit ? cooler than what coolest is
slick without no lubricant, bullshit, you just full of it
stupid bitch, keep on hatin’, i’mma keep on doin’ it
spend a day as me, boy you couldn’t get the shoes to fit


[verse 2: mac miller]
used to tell me i was fake, they would hate, now they on my dick
most dope is my family, have respect for my conglomerate
rollie on my wrist, i ain’t rich, but i’m still coppin’ shit
jerm is on the beat, he got that heat, hold up, drop it quick
and bring it back
i could change the world with just a single track
underage table in the back, smokin’, drinkin’ yak
pittsburgh, let me show the world just where my city at
on the map, illest city out, i guess that’s just a fact
i’mma live in rome, drink patron and have a ball
after all, only get one life, so there’s no time to stall
i’mma do it, stupid dudes with all exclusive shit to move with
just a few kids tryna bullshit, still with my boys, i straight up crew it


Mac Miller Smile Back Mp3

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