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Maino - Cream Mp3 Ringtone Download

Maino - Cream Mp3 Ringtone Download
[hook x2]
i’m about cream, i’ma, i’ma ’bout cream (about that)
i’m about cream, i’ma, i’ma ’bout cream
about that money and about that cream (hey, hey, hey)
i’m about cream, i’ma, i’ma ’bout cream

i’m about cream, homie i’m about cash
i’m about dollar signs, where that brown bag?
i’m a big boi, 3 stacks, outkast
for that bread i be in your house like
i go deaf ears if it aint about no dough
porsche mind state this my panamera flow
offshore royal oak, i got diamonds in ‘em
gucci jean suit, keep a couple thousand in ‘em
came up hard, handle food in the refrigerator
now these haters can’t breath need a respirator
women beep me every time they see me
sippin’ dp on my way to dc
ask niggas out in florida they know me well
pretty bitches say i’m crazy out in acl
f-ck the bullshit baby i’m about mine
champagne in the air, it’s about time


[lil wayne]
just left my po and everything kosher
bitch i’m getting money like the end getting closer
money on my mind, p-ssy on my radar
bitch i’m getting paid, i’m on my bernie madoff
money talks, bullshit walks, cut the legs off
aim at your egg, turn that shit to eggnog
and if i fall, my money is my cushion
niggas can’t see me like they not looking
to the red flag, a pledge of allegiance
y’all bitches don’t want beef like vegans
i don’t have a care and if i do i take care of it
haters dead waiting i ain’t with that pall bearer shit
never played lotto, i don’t believe in luck
they tried to send me sugar, wasn’t sweet enough
maino whats poppin? hustle hard nigga
this that money train, all aboard nigga


i’m about cream, homie i’m about bread
i’m about bad bitches that’s about head
i’m about to ride by hanging out the benz
we getting money like we never heard of the feds
the black bentley coupe rollin’ like the batmobile
i feel 8 feet tall man i’m shaq o’neil
i’m about guap baby, i’m about cake
push the button in the doors to about face
whats poppin mami, i be gettin’ money now
i’m from brooklyn but they love me out in houston now
say “hi” to life, bye to my broke days
i’m about a dollar, everyday all day


Maino Cream Mp3

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