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50 Cent - Street King Energy Track #8 Mp3 Ringtone Download

50 Cent - Street King Energy Track #8 Mp3 Ringtone Download
you see a nigga soft, my first instinct is to lean on
a weak nigga eatin’ in my hood, niggas’ll put a beam on ‘em
these niggas aint supposed to be eatin’ yo
this sweet is sweet an’ low, i’ll have ‘em like shit was all good just a week ago

[verse 1]
let drake get you niggas in the mood for love
i’m back to get you in the mood for the snub and gloves
dope fiend, morphine, cocaine dilemma
crack come to cooking up that, boy i’m a chemist
f-ck pill poppin, a strap i pop that
watch the henchman trial, see a rat rat on a rat
got a nice gimmick going, you’ve been hot a few summers
but i got the type of flow that’ll stop world hunger
sk, i got nothing but energy
call me fifty, call me ferrari the remedy
hi again in case a hater don’t remember me
i happen to be what these rap niggas here pretend to be
hittin you won’t be enough, you gotta finish me or it’s ruger time
the sr9 fragments ricochet in ya ass go blind
times up, ya f-cked, gotta learn to duck, wassup

[hook x2]
don’t make me (don’t, d-d-don’t)
don’t make me (do it)
don’t make me (you know i do it)
show you whats up
don’t make me f-ck you up

[verse 2]
listen any bitch on the milk box aint missin’
i mean some of these hoes running round with pippen
i’m writing reality it sounds harsh
shyne (sean?) try to get at me he sounds washed
i aint even fire back the shits washed
what kind of shit is that, this only happens in rap
these niggas so fake, it make my skin crawl
hope i aint the last real nigga up over the wall
ice chunks in the chain, weight spinnin, cream linen
bulges from the benjamin’s in ‘em
tom ford, oh lord, if i aint know better i think a nigga push raw
it feels like it’s never gon stop
a nigga so hot, i may spend forever on top
(forever ever) forever in the drop
cant til i got it on lock


50 Cent Street King Energy Track #8 Mp3

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