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Fat Joe - Dopeman Mp3 Ringtone Download

Fat Joe - Dopeman Mp3 Ringtone Download
[fat joe]
trying to cut the top off the porsche
put a bitch in the front
better yet hundred sticks for the niggas that front
i got a steel in them packs, got em right in the trunk
shoot the snap back off your muthaf-ckin head if you want
i got a guardian angel, yeaf she stay in the hood
and she pop up whenever i touch the grain on the wood
i got a bitch from atlanta, she remind me of pebbles
got a hell of an ass, this redbone is a devil
she call me marty mcfly, nike back to the future
10 racks on my feet, but that’s something i’m used to
i put my team on the map, you other niggas is fake
worse than oregon, you switch a different jersey a day
i’m in the beach somewhere foreign, i’m in your bitch while you snoring
a million cash off the tour, then i’m back in the morning
i’m f-ckin sick of you niggas, i’m about to throw up a million
doctor oz in the kitchen: cook a perfect prescription

go prez, go prez, rolling in bugatti
i got that ringo starr
i’m slingin’ paul mccartney
bitch i’m in the kitchen with that arm & hammer
whipping george harrison, john lennon
dopeman! dopeman!
dopeman bitch, i’m the dopeman
bitch i’m in the kitchen with that arm & hammer
whipping george harrison, john lennon

of course i could get em
but do you know what to do with em?
60 for the brick even if you cop a few of ‘em
talking about that diesel: the root of all evil
you could use your nostrils, or you could use a needle
i need a hundred more, and i want it pure
cause when somebody die off it
then they want it more!
the hustlers we surrounded by niggas that hold the hammers
oxys got generic, they switched it to old
when you give em a 9 or better they go bananas
make a million dollars a month: that’s what the plan was
now to catch the morning shift
cause they need that morning sniff
thousand bundles finished by 11, then i’m blowing spliffs
show you how to get right, crib right, whip right
ten dollars a bag, but it’s 20 after midnight
pill man, weed man, stove man, coke man
you know who i am muthaf-cka: i’m the dopeman


cut the man off the middle, i want it all off the top
bout to yacht me a nigga, run him off of the block
i’m taking all of the profit, purchasing more of the product
invest in killers and dealers to take my company public
i got a thing for them strippers
got a pole in the mansion
white ho, marilyn manson
this for all of my niggas doing time up in prison
for getting caught with the burner, you know a rider’s ambition
i’m ’bout to gamble with life, take a trip out to vegas
i’m ’bout a zionist mic praying the lord to forsake us
remember times i was broke, how it run in your pocket
spend my money on dope, then i tripled my profit
now i’m a multi-millionaire, head off in the lear
take bitches on the private, than set off in the air

“what you say nigga?”
“i said i’ll suck yo dick!”


Fat Joe Dopeman Mp3

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