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Royce Da 5'9" - Random Bars Mp3 Ringtone Download

Royce Da 5'9" - Random Bars Mp3 Ringtone Download
[background voice]
arms, arms, arms, arms
you’re now listening to … music

random bars
that’s what we gona’ call this

[background voice]
i pray for you

this is like a thank you
thank you

now rhymes with is electric like appliances
now let the flying fist wreck it i insist
i’m here to tap some drawers tap some jaws
ball and s’ fo’ y’all
i’m here to palm the fucking blow like a bascketball
they told me i was gold i ain’t reacted all
i’m staying hungry like m body’s halls acting all
fuck money but tell the government give me some since they print it
i’m a schizophrenic mental clinic pencil panic
pimp lieutenant living a fight which if you flinch you end it
quit your pretending you’re here to be saved i’m simple be …
your mind is on quitting your vibes on pillage
check my file my resume is verified on twitter
your jeans got pussy under it
i’ll hang up a sign that says your place with an arrow pointing down and put you under it
you rap it all eyes niggers, misery love, company ass, groupie ass, basketball, white niggers
i’ve been the vet rapper since eminem’s test record
which was better than any of our enemy’s best effort
and it was just us than we’ve been the best than
we’ve been on top of our dream like vinaigrette dressing
you should regroup from the fire
iif your killers resemble keisha from new jack city
a snoop from the wire
the only beefing i’m doing with pussy is screwing your cruise in ruins
we eating and all you doing is chewing swallowing and being done is by your girl
couldn’t digest that you’re probably trying earl
i got a right hand as debo cole
run into it playing and you end up with steve o’s nose
i will leave you where you’re griffin at
yelling take that while i tick for tack two guns that nick name this and that
i play the tune of violence for hours
but the same gun that i now use till i gave you power rewinding listen back
my shit’s a mansion your shit’s a shack now check your guns
we can go tick for tack is a fact like a wreck
answers the … leave you in the can which samsun
hand foot in your mouth without a dam tongue
you plus one now a … in the club wit’ yo’ boy
don’t give right to challenge a pro you ain’t one
nigger i don’t got no story
all i know is i quit the popping that put that boy in a hole turn his body to the suppository
why yo’ll hard i’m rolling alone
i get your browed pregnant than i pay to a boy in a car over the phone
if people could endure royce more i’m sawing his own
speak with your indoor voice lower your tone
so now the sky’s the limit
my shades cover eyes that are windows to a soul this private hole, mind your business
contract’s on the table looking like a tarnished napkin
my contract’s on the table looking like a dino’s taxes
yeah yo’ll niggers acting like real light skins
stick a knife in your right hand
tell you sit your five dollar ass down before i make change at your ass
what you say nigger i didn’t…
now i’m a pimp perc executive i call you up
draw the line electric insert the …..

Royce Da 5'9" Random Bars Mp3

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