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Yelawolf - Lets Roll Mp3 Ringtone Download

Yelawolf - Lets Roll Mp3 Ringtone Download

[kid rck - hook]
yeah, i’m throwed off
aint about the money i’ma blow it off
i made my own lane, let’s roll, lets roll
yeah, i’m going off
aint got a whole lot but i’mma show it off
better recognise game, lets roll, lets roo-ooooll

[yelawolf - verse 1]
yeah, now let me welcome you to my small town
big trucks in the yard, big bucks on the wall, country folks all around
how i was raised, 808 drums quaking they shake that box 88
and the dope boys hotter than hells gate but i still in the shade
with a fol dout chair, a 30 pack on the back of that tailgate
a-l-a b-a-m-a i’m off i might pee in the lake
i might go to talegada and see me a race
bring me case, yeah i’m bringing a case
i’m gettin’ throwed off…


[yelawolf - verse 2]
and i’m all the way throwed off
z71 take the bow off
dipped in mossy oak with a mullet mohawk
yeah, with a bright orange hat and a bag underneath that chevy
yeah buddy, might go off, split you like a bowling ball
split you in my overalls
yeah home of the ?, got a couple folks that’d do it to you for ?
that dixie cups gonna fall off the console
you don’t wanna have a convo and not understand that ‘bama slanguage
like hollerin’ aint it, but i come to paint it so it won’t be throwed off?


[yelawolf - verse 3]
i’m just a kid that rocks
i’m just a boy with a dream
you bet it all with the last bill that i had hid in my socks
used to keep a .22 in a shoebox
now i bang beretta’s, she’s 22 and i keep her in a tube top
white trash and all, take us all the way to the top and then laugh it off
like how the f-ck did i get a catalogue with more hits than a f-cking jackhammer dog
cause i planned it all, crimson tide standing tall
shit, i’m another lit cannon ball
f-ck around and i’m going off and i’m getting throwed off


Yelawolf Lets Roll Mp3

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