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Elite - World Premiere Mp3 Ringtone Download

Elite - World Premiere Mp3 Ringtone Download
[j. cole - chorus]
stick to the script boy, get hit boy
my life a movie, enjoy
i’m glad you waited, we finally here
this is the world premiere
come get with it
i’m ’bout to get it
you f-ckin’ critic, you talk, i live it
to the coffin with it, i don’t need your reviews
lets start the show and f-ck the previews

[elite - verse 1]
w-w-w-welcome, buckle up with your seatbelts
and take them standards where you held ‘em
push them up a couple buildings
i be up there, it’s fun here
you see me, now wait one year
so high i’m talking michael jordans sticking out his tongue air
i swear i feel like ali when he finally fights
all the hype building up my fruits of labour, finally ripe
it’s that world premiere if you listening
i hope you know what your witnessing
this motion picture i’m living in
it’s dope as shit and it’s just beginning
we here

big screen, now they looking up to me
i aint seeing nothing you better pull up a seat

[j. cole - chorus]

[elite - verse 2]
yeah, thanks jermaine
i’m feeling pretty good, i can’t complain
to the labels they better raise they aim
i put my foot down til they ankle sprain
we aint the same, ya’ll rap good, hurray for you
y’all haters, beat, i made this too
mix my shit so it bang too
all in my lil’ spare bedroom
imagine where i’m headed
edit it in my head until i get it perfect
then i work it til i get it
it’s ? in this bitch to name at least shout out to dreamville
? running checks, couldn’t get better, team build

big screen, now they looking up to me
i aint seeing nothing you better pull up a seat

[j. cole - chorus]

[elite - verse 3]
who woulda ever thought, i did bitch
if you sleeping, i’ma spit it til ya eyelids split
this is tick tick tick, lick wick bomb shit
this the sure thing hit like the bitch you went to prom with
never mind and doubt it y’all, ya’ll just be non-believers
swear i’m bout to ball, i should be silent sneakers
teach us some tricks, she spinnin like a porno star
flip it to the otherside when she ride like a foreign car
better want this more than y’all
goota put the pro’s before the con’s
ready gettin’ focused, ready gettin’ closer
cue the fade out with a slow dissolve

[j. cole - chorus]

Elite World Premiere Mp3

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