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Justin Bieber - Otis Freestyle Mp3 Ringtone Download

Justin Bieber - Otis Freestyle Mp3 Ringtone Download
[verse 1: justin bieber]
damn damn j.b, where the hell you been
yeah i got a new necklace, diamonds
2 big face rollies, no i ain't lyin'
making momma so proud that she cryin'
yeah you say i'm crazy? guess that makes two
but i never knew that dreams really came true
started playing drums, when i was only 2
now we kick it in japan, kung-fu
so i'm heading for the gold, i'm sweating
i swear otis redding will be oh-so ready
i already got ahead-y of the game, i'm with kenny
and we steady getting many, i mean money
riding in an all-black benz with the all black rims
and we looking at some 10s through our all-black lenses

[justin bieber]
wait...i'm not done

[verse 2: justin bieber]
i thanked jesus at the awards i'm never going to hell
call me zack morris i'm saving you by the bell
my girl says i'm perfect she just loves them perfect persons
perfectly personally i think she is perfectly perfect
i get it done abundantly, she wants to get up under me
i swear i got a ? cause baby i'm a money tree
so be my little honey be my little-bitty bunny
i got honeys all up on me baby i just get it done-y
possibly a probby thinking this type of swag is impossible
and logically will probably but you just take me lyrically
try to feel me spiritually, get out your mind literally
there's a bigger me inside this little me
screaming out i should make history
i am like a mystery, hated by jealousy cause they envy me
run up on my enemies see if they remember me
soon as they remember me i wipe away their memory
can't you see the private jets flying over you?
i ain't even notice but my focus on my photos
might be bogus, no they shouldn't be a photoshoot
it's funny how you wanna take my picture and it's like your first time
playing with camera claiming that "it's not mine"
just calm down, you don't gotta hurry
don't be nervous, you don't gotta worry
and my fans are like my glasses, yeah without them i'd be blurry

Justin Bieber Otis Freestyle Mp3

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