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Ludacris - What You Smoking On Mp3 Ringtone Download

Ludacris - What You Smoking On Mp3 Ringtone Download
what you smokin on nigga, what you smokin on?
what you smokin on bitch, what you smokin on?
i get so.......high

i've fallen and i can't get up
somebody wake me up!
so high that my eyelids low, kind of like
i'm in a coma - better shake me up
what you wanna do luda? shit, roll up
might as well. ak-47 to the head
and we ain't dead, we just high as hell
you don't know about this weed, grass, marijuana
cannabis, sativa. you may call it cheeba
maybe reefer, wiz khalifa
smoking on that ? or that anthrax or that blue dream
spray a little cologne and my clothes smelling like
versace blue jeans
y'all smoking that puss weed, that dirt shit
that ragamuff, from smoking on that home grown
i pass out cause i dun had enough!
that sour diesel, that northern lights and that killer cali
you see me out in oahu, honolulu, smoking that maui-wowy


don't fret, y'all niggas need a better connect
you need to get your status up
y'all smoke that stress, we smoke that shit
that won the cannabis cup
now i'm higher than a satellite
eating everything like a parasite
now we in the ? looking for the baddest dyke
to run a midnight train train like ?
i'm higher than the prices of petrol
higher than the balloon that you let go
cause i'm smoking that loud in a middle of a crowd
? techno
i got my weed card on the way to the store to get medicinal marijuana
luda! study more buddha than the dalai lama
grand daddy purp, bubble gum or the og kush
white widow or the g-13, that irene got your homies shook
but that jack herer and the red got my homies right
blueberry got me satisfied


[wiz khalifa]
smoking on something grown at home
so i can blow o's
nigga i'm from pgh but all my weed from californ'
can't find the remote control: that's how you know i'm stoned
all you do is call me, i got all the weed, the papers, bongs
brownies, ? and vaporizers, we could smoke em all
all these niggas smoking weed around me: it's a smoke-a-thon
crowded and my whip is partly cloudy cause we smoking strong
who say you can smoke them joints? probably cause you rolled em wrong
my dollar's up, i'm getting up and i'm folding it
i'm lighting em, i'm hitting em, not holding it
i'm passing em straight to ludacris and he's smoking it
security and a nigga that own the bitch..

Ludacris What You Smoking On Mp3

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