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Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese Mp3 Ringtone Download

Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese Mp3 Ringtone Download
right on, right on
right on, right on

laid back, villain on the smooth tip
all things gravy, greatest fear to let the groove slip
always tell the masters that it's never gon' stop
cause you never gon' do shit
magnify justice over long lost blues riffs
mop up, sop up the tears for fears with a q-tip
they proceeds to poke out they eyes with a toothpick
remember when larenz tate beat terrence with the pool stick
or when caine pistol whipped chauncy and that fool snitched
sent the tape to bill duke, would've went to jail
if he wouldn't have got killed in that drive-by by the dude he kicked
he was like, "it ain't mine"
and she was like, "you the only guy that i do it with"
remember when 'pac and q start fightin' over steel's house
they broke a vase, steel scream, rahim told 'em to chill out
the jheri curl blood that bumped ricky eating chips
the same guy they was looking for when ice cube stopped to let cuba out the whip
and wan' it sad how loco had to have it?
ain't it funny when they caught t-bone, dancing with that rabbit
didn't rocket have the same gun that the old man shot og bobby johnson's son in the back with
or do i got it backwards
and bobby johnson was the one that put his fist up to the glass
and caine put his fist up and dapped it
and chicago and regina had sex inside the mail truck
they left his ass, he reached down to get his hairbrush
and tré lied to furious, sitting down get his hair cut

yeah, do you remember these
double burger with cheese
double burger with cheese
double burger with cheese, huh

caine told him as he jacked him at the drive-thru
a hundred bucks will tell who rider mask put the knife to
another hundred for the cop who chased new jersey drive crew
the group who took ricky ball, crip or piru
kicked doughboy and told him he could buy a hundred balls
little bobby used his bed to iron out his overalls
who knew in a few he would have a gun aimed
caine had a nigga's daytons skatin' on his mustang
remember when the whole crowd stopped and got tense
then they cheered when steel put his hand up on the fence
then when gee money first got mad to the cocaine
and chris tucker od'ed there watching soul train
cam'ron shot him in the car and took his gold chain
nino was free till he met up with that old man
and ice-t was there and he oversaw the whole thing
mello lost his legs just to get up out the dope game
why he throw his gun into the river, though?
just to hit the roof to get the juice and let bishop go
show hodges love, but the pac man day came
'specially after sprayed little ese with the spray paint
remember when bobby took off his tear
and when doughboy disappeared
after his brother died and he said nobody cared
i still do, after all these years
because he should've played ball
ricky ain't deserve none of that at all
these are just a illustration
of a few scenes to help raise a generation

Lupe Fiasco Double Burger With Cheese Mp3

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