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Trey Songz - Jackin For Beats Mp3 Ringtone Download

Trey Songz - Jackin For Beats Mp3 Ringtone Download
a nigger never been as dope as me
like my face and my brain run ..
i say they flow these nigger my capacity
is wide as the open see put these niggers
in their place where they suppose to be
plus i get these bitches bucked like …
i respect it to check it like ..
i am gonna rap i am gonna write the play no .. pardon me
nobody alarming me they all rap commonly like they hold trucks
drugs like a pharmacy why did you came out what you wanna see
i make the time change up quantum and i still try to figure where i wanna be
so many fish in the sea life is vagina bitch
i don’t sleep much paper is awaking me
talking to a nigger like trigger key making me
they can’t see me when they do they hate to see
i eat good they just wanna saw shaking me
bread on horizon talking about bakery
devil’s in disguise anywhere pray for me
know your niggers pussy backing up my dick
wake my boy i ain’t saying shit i ain’t saying …
i am too busy fronting who is on the street in my benz
couple of freaks couple of hoes
i only met them all like a couple of ghosts
still i treat them like stacks got a couple of blow
nobody taking nothing from .. except the loss
nobody put the firma high except of god hard leave them in graveyards
one big diamond give a nigger ..
grass cut full never lose where the snakes are
mother fuck school nigger never had a day job
shout all the niggers faced off with a …
fuck .. on a corner packet full of …
fuck you nigger i have been dropping …
and is cool nigger go get your hate on
got a big dick and she is gonna put her face on
ass so big and the shit is like a …
swing it from a .. pussy pop it in the bronx
then i made her ring like the …
do it so big they should call a nigger …
all i do is win they should call a nigger won
hold up .. i am all about that lou
but i knock that boo …
swear if that rough before i …
then i don’t know who do
i don’t know who you
different city every day i don’t know you boo
i don’t know your crew .. she sit right next to me
i don’t know why girl keep texting me
talking about she loves me .. fucking me .. don’t touch me
but we got to catch a flight .. try to ask a nigger
to high 5 she just one .. is only one night girl
go back to your life ..
i am gonna get mine you know that i deserve that

Trey Songz Jackin For Beats Mp3

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