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Yelawolf - Good Girl Mp3 Ringtone Download

Yelawolf - Good Girl Mp3 Ringtone Download
[intro: yelawolf]
this ain't for the good girls gone bad
this one's for the bad girls tryna go good

[hook: poo bear]
how can someone like me so bad just touch a good girl
touch a good girl, you're a good girl
and i know that i don't treat you like i should girl
like i could girl, like my good girl

[verse 1: yelawolf]
here i go again, on my shit again
walking through the mall, acting like a prick again
you had a halter top, i had my famous socks
you came to shop, i came to ho hop
you had your girl with you, both looking great
i wanted both of y'all, how 'bout a double take
she was hating, looking at me like a scumbag
but something made you wanna turn around and come back
probably cause i just don't give a fuck
i just wanna see one of these hookas in my trunk
so tell your girlfriend "tough luck"
she just wanna see you with somebody dressed up
well, i really ain't into that type of shit
i'm into tattoos, drink until 6
fuck until 9, sleep until 12
and going back to my homies with a story to tell


[verse 2: yelawolf]
this shit should've been finished
i'm as surprised as you are that you still let me in it
but you continue to text message me
right after saying that we should move separately
but you don't wanna see me go
even though i've only given you dick and cold cereal
so you must have a thing for lucky charms
or the bad girl in you just fell in my lucky arms
you love to cuss me out and call me crazy
say i'm no good and all of your friends hate me
then you show up to my room and damn near rape me
and then it goes from "fuck you" to "fuck me baby"
you leave early so nobody sees you out the spot
now you stuck between a hard place and a rock
you call me a player but i have lied to you not
cause i'm not a player, i just crush a lot


[verse 3: yelawolf]
i'm in jail again, on my johnny cash
some dude was talking shit, i had to whoop his ass
called you in the morning and you just fucking laughed
you think this cute, you love my crazy ass
and i wonder if you'll ever leave my side
cause the more that i ignore you, the more you wanna ride
i tell you that i'm bad but you never ask why
cause you just want the good from a really bad guy
you wanna rock, let's rock and roll, just know
i'm only good at one thing and that's not control
but i am consistent, that's something to be proud of
cause i ain't shit with you and i ain't shit without you


[outro: yelawolf]
to all the bad girls, trying to go good
no such thing as a good girl gone bad
just a bunch of bad girls tryna go good
holler at me, mane
hello, my name is yelawolf
i'm a sex addict, it's a disease
there's medication for it and everything
i take pills

Yelawolf Good Girl Mp3

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