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Young Jeezy - Talk To Me Mp3 Ringtone Download

Young Jeezy - Talk To Me Mp3 Ringtone Download
i’m tired, i feel wired but yet i’m still inspired
to find somebody else for the job, tell me i’m fired
really muthafc-k what they say, i did my job yo
hood nigga straight off the block, i beat the odds
now you see a nigga, back to the wall
now you exciting, now i’m done
everything for you niggas but get indicted
got niggas in the feds wishin i was still with ‘em
death penalty, go throw ‘em in the ail with ‘em
rather die int he hands of the judge then former friends
man this shit is like an ongoing movie, it never ends
same nigga say that they would, love you forever
niggas get the forecast and change just like the weather
got me feeling like a whole brick, cut with some pain
from winter days yeah, they start of sunny and then it rains
and even after all these years, it’s still storming
you couldn’t of told ‘em it wouldn’t be like this
you coulda warned ‘em

somebody better explain, why my ears are ringing so loud
someone has got something to say, grow some balls and say it to my face
(somebody talk to me) ooooh oh, ooooh oh
somebody’s got a problem, i wanna know
keep my name out ya muthaf-cking mouth
somebody talk to me

[freddie gibbs]
walking like i’m talking, play it like i see it
and i swear sometimes hear voices talking to me in my head
some nights i slept for months, the living dead to get this bread
there’s two ways out this shit, a casket or the f-cking fed
i rap cause one day i pray this might be my escape
everyday i seal up these bags, seems like i’m sealing my fate
my momma worked at your gangsta, jumped off the porch out the gate
but i can’t let my momma bury me, thats some shit she can’t take
most niggas hate when you come up and you doing something constructive
police to the politician, my whole city corrupted
wanna convict me for a couple transactions that i conducted
and my homeboys just might snitch under pressure
so muthaf-ck ‘em, it’s just me and my two nuts
and you can bet they gon hang
and bitch my resume gon’ check out til i check out the game
sometimes that ski mask on my skull it took effect on my brain
and i still didn’t tell the shit, i’m sick of telling you man
somebody talk to ‘em

[eminem - bridge]
somebody talk to me
somebody better explain, how my name’s ending up in your mouth
somebody talk to me
got 2 seconds to talk, i want some answers right the f-ck now
somebody talk to me
cause if it’s me that you’re talkin’ about then i wanna know
somebody talk to me
we almost past the point of being able to talk this shit out

[eminem - hook]
somebody better explain, why my ears are ringing so loud
someone’s got something to say, grow some balls and say it to my face

Young Jeezy Talk To Me Mp3

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