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Tyga - Faded Mp3 Ringtone Download

Tyga - Faded Mp3 Ringtone Download
young nino, f-ck a bitch in a peacoat
carlito, scarface, al pacino
bun b though, pimp c, r.i.p though
i goes deep in that p-ssy, dan marino
she wanna be the one, f-ck her to my own single
break a bitch hard, no future miss cleo
snap back, au-au-automatic reload
flyer than a f-ck-ng beatle, you can’t beat ‘em
vampire f-ck up your evening
i pop up and eat lunch, leave you in the cement
don’t believe it, stripe like a f-cking adidas
the gun selena, give a n-gga beiber fever
real f-ck-ng hot, put it in park
take a shot, higher than a tube sock
you a bop, give me top top, as i load the guap
man these n-ggas say i’m fly but to her i’m god

i’m faded faded faded
my n-gga i’m faded faded faded (x7)

and i don’t give a f-ck

f-ck is up, n-gga’s stomping in my chucks
yeah i make it rain dear, cause i’m all ’bout my bucks
use the butt up in the front, d-ck up in her cunt
and i put her in her hole, holy, one, quat quat
super mcnasty, why you mclovin
when the b-tch call me daddy
pimp no caddy, she wish she never had me
treat her like a dog, called the b-tch lassy
young savvy, bang her like cincinatti
above average, f-fly like i’m aladdin
they bend backwards, done the p-ssy at them
i’m ben wallace, dunk up in your basket
balls in the air, no games, i’m serious, double dare
there’s too many b-tches, why these n-ggas wanna stare
pat ron up in here, this ain’t no beer


[lil' wayne]
mama, there go that monster
abracadabra, magic johnson
my mutherf-cking doctor, said i need a doctor
so i called house, now i am a pill popper
faded like skinnys, young money we winning
i told her if i change, she won’t get a penny
milking this shit, pregnant bitch tities
bringing home the bacon, i’m f-ckin’ miss piggy
loaded like a semi, semi naked pictures
she knows my d-ck, she call it nigga richard
prior to me coming, i had to stick my thumb in
i asked one time, smell my finger make you vomit
flyer than a hornet, the shoe fit i worn it
she tried to jack me off, can’t beat it, join it
tunechi, punechi, that what she call it
flag scarlett, i killed it, mourned it


Tyga Faded Mp3

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